What about silicone vaginas?

I am not really sure about silicone vaginas. When I worked for London escorts, I never heard of a gent who used them. Now, after having left London escorts, I have set up my own sex toy site, and I have noticed that lots of gents buy them. I have actually emailed a few of them, and all of them seem to be really happy with their product. Mind you, it must be a bit strange to receive an email about a silicone vagina, but all of the gents have replied to me. I am glad that I can communicate with my clients.

At first, I was not so sure that I was going to able to make it as a sex toy retailer. However, I wrote about what life was like at London escorts, and all of a sudden, folks were flocking to my site. A lot of gents were writing in asking what to buy for their girlfriends, and what kind of sex toys women liked. I was so pleased that all of that experience that I had got at London escorts, was not going to waste and I was able to help people. Most of the time, this has been a really positive experience.

My next step is to expand a little bit and to start my own lingerie site. Of course, it goes without saying that as part of London escorts, I had lots of experience of lingerie, and I know feel that this is the right time to capitalize on that. I thought I might have a go at launching my own brand but that proved rather complicated. When I worked for London escorts, I bought my lingerie from one particular shop in London, so I decided to promote their gear instead. It is absolutely stunning.

After I have launched the lingerie site, I intend to expand even further. Most escorts in London are into things like massage and aromatherapy, and this is what my next site is going to be about. I hope to be able to sell massage products such as essential oils and massage oils. When I worked for London escorts, I used to do a lot of massages, so I know what oils work for what condition, and so on. The site will also have a section for sensual massages for couples. In my heart of hearts, I don’t believe that all couples spend enough time touching each other, and we should do more of that.

I have lots of other ideas as well, and many of them come from my time at escorts in London. The thing is that I had not previous business experience, but my former boss at escorts in London, says that it has worked because I have tried to do something different. I am not sure if that is the answer but I am certainly very excited about my business, and it is nice to get the odd pat on the back from my former boss at London escorts services.…


How To Make Sex Less Boring

Sex is supposed to be fun for both parties. While this is usually how things play out; sometimes, one partner doesn’t get so lucky. Worse yet, sometimes sex gets boring for both people. Being one of the finer pleasures in life, it’s important to keep sex fun. But to make it fun again, we first need to understand when and why it stopped being fun in the first place.

What Makes Sex Boring?

As with work, TV, video games and exercise, the more you continue to engage in the exact same activity, the less fun it becomes. We can all say our first beer was a lot more exciting than our 100th beer as an adult. The same holds true for sex. If you’ve had sex with the same partner, in the same position over and over again for some time now, you or your partner may start to get bored.

How to Mix Things Up Again

Try a different position. Did that work? If not, why not try some role playing? We all have fantasies, why not try acting one out? Or maybe there’s a fetish you’ve never told your partner about? Now is the time to tell them. Or perhaps you should ask them if there’s anything they’d be interested in trying out in bed. For some couples who have been together awhile, they’ll actually try to emulate the first night they met – the man may pretend he doesn’t know his partner at the bar and he’ll pick her up, for example.

My point is, if you’re bored of the same old sex, then don’t have the same old sex!

Focus on Pleasure

For many of us (I’m looking at you, men), sex can sometimes seem like a race to the finish line. While we may try to hold our own for 20 minutes out of decency or pride, it’s easy to only look forward to the climax. I would say to both men and women; focus on your partner’s pleasure! Doing so will not only mix things up a bit, if both partners focus on the other one, the sex may very well become more pleasurable and, thus, less boring.

It’s easy to undervalue and under-appreciate just how important our sex lives are for our overall well-being. A poor sex life can lead to relationship problems as well as a reduced quality of life. Keeping up on having a healthy sex life can tremendously increase the quality of our lives and our relationships.

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